Edge: The Most Brutally Honest Competition Book Ever Written

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A three-part plan for domination.

Edge: The Art of Ruthless Competition is a 360 page guide that gives you a three-part process you can use to win in any competitive game:

Play the Game

First, you must break down the game to its fundamental elements in order to see where the most important competitive edges exist. Everything else flows from these basic building blocks.

Play the Player

You play games against other humans, and in order to gain an advantage over them, you must know how to break them down mentally. Once you can do that, you can dull any edges they may have on you.

Play for Blood

Competing is a skill, and you must understand the difference between having fun and playing for blood. If you can do that, you can find edges that less attentive competitors often ignore.

Reader reviews

Rave reviews from active competitors who have used this book to up their game.

Create VUCA from the +VOI that this book contains!

This book is an amazing resource of information for those looking to truly understand the nature of competition...From the concept of taking control of a situation by creating VUCA, to gauging the value of information you give to and receive from your opponent, this book will teach you to THINK like a competitor, instead of a sucker.

Randall Douberly

The book for those who WIN!

As someone who has personally competed with the author both with and against, I know that this book is filled with knowledge from someone with experience and truly ruthless winning concepts.Purchase this only if you are ready to win and understand the art behind competition.

Jason G.

Significant improvement in performance after reading this book!

My skill level and decision-making abilities in-game have directly increased as a result of reading this book. If you’re a competitor and take your sport seriously I highly recommend reading this book.

Raymond Wayne

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the book?

Edge is available now on Amazon in paperback, hardcover and Kindle formats.

Who is this book for?

This book was written by Theta, a long-time esports competitor and coach, for people who want to excel in competitive games. If you're an athlete, in either traditional sports or esports, or if you want to come up with better strategies in any competitive situation, this book is for you.

What kind of games are covered in the book?

The principles in Edge are designed to be broadly applicable, so there are examples and concepts pulled from esports, MMA, American football, basketball, chess, poker, and many other types of games.

How many pages is it?

Edge is 360 pages long.

Are there illustrations?

Yes, there are a handful of illustrations in black and white.

Is there an audiobook?

Yes, an audio version is available on Audible.

Does this book encourage cheating?

No, cheating in games with clearly defined and fairly enforced rules does not fit into the framework laid out in Edge.

Show no mercy,

win the game.

If you want to crush the competition, then you need to read Edge: The Art of Ruthless Competition. You’ll learn exactly what it takes to win – and nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.

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Theta is an author who formerly competed in Onward (a VR esport) as a player, reaching #1 worldwide as a member of Mayhem. After retiring, he coached his own team, Tempo, to #8 in the world. Tempo was the first Onward team to ever go beyond the wildcard stage of the postseason in their first full season.

During his time as a competitor, he started ThetaVR, the most trusted channel in the Onward community. His book, Edge: The Art of Ruthless Competition is a comprehensive guide for competitors based on his extensive experience in competitive fields.

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